The phone number The Bonanza office phone number is (940) 322-3100 and will be answered until February 5th. In order to contact the Bonanza office after February 5th, you will need to call Terry Shelton @ (940) 867-2828. This is her cell phone and that will be the ONLY number in use. REMEMBER: 940-867-2828 cell and e-mail:

The show office fax number The Bonanza fax number is (940) 767-1913.

All winnings checks will be mailed out after the completion of the 2022 show. (This takes approximately 7-10 days.)

Entries are not accepted via phone, they are only accepted if submitted in writing. This includes making any changes, additions, withdrawals, etc. Please do not assume your entry has been received by our office if you sent an e-mail or called by phone. Call to verify.

Credit Card Payments
We will accept credit cards for payment. However, there will be a 4% fee added to your total for this service.

In order to view a draw/working order, you will need to go to the "Schedule of Events" tab and click on the division you are wanting to view.

Go-round and Finals results will be posted on the website at the end of each day after all entries in that division have competed.

Go-round money is not paid in any divisions. All monies are paid in the Finals.

If you did not submit a social security or Tax ID number for winnings to be reported to, your check will be held until our office receives that information.